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About DogScroll.com

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All Your Dogs in One App

You can use all the useful features of DogScroll for a single pet. But multiple dogs are no problem for the app to handle. And if you are a dog trainer working with several dogs, or if you are leading a training group helping others reach their goals there is no better way to keep all your training notes in one place and available whenever you need them.

Key Data always Available

Talking with friends, entering your dog for an event, joining a training group... There will always be occasions where you wish you had all important data available but the dog's papers are safely stored at home. Of course you can keep some notes on your phone to have them with you. DogScroll is the best place for that.

Training Log

Training can be done intuitively. And if you are an experienced trainer that will work for you to some extent. But if you want to make best use of training advice you got, or if you're aiming for better results you won't get around working more systematically, make notes, keep track on factors that influence your dog, understand how the dog learns. DogScroll offers a great framework for that: track your dog's progress, monitor ups and downs, and identify the causes.

Record the Results of Your Efforts

Whether on fun trials or international competitions. You might be among those who want to test their efforts and reward themselves by earning training titles or comparing their skills with others. Keep track of these achievements in DogScroll, so they are available like all important information.

Keep an Eye on Health Issues

Remember when the next vaccination is due? Still know when your dog was in heat last time? Do you recall the vet's advice on how to treat the ear infection? DogScroll supports keeping track of health-related events and even sets calendar reminders e.g. for future vet visits.