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For a number of reasons, DogScroll data is stored locally on your device, and not online using our servers or any common cloud service. Cloud services are a privacy matter. Handling your personal data would have a significant effect on cost, liability, and long-term commitment. We do not want to put your privacy at risk. Furthermore, dog training often happens in the field where good network coverage cannot always be assumed.

puzzle hund smallWe are making the last preparations and are really excited to go live with DogScroll for Android™ in just a few days.

DogScroll will be available in a large number of countries including the United States and the EU member states. We'll add more countries as we sort out their taxing requirements. If you are waiting for DogScroll to become available where you live just drop us a note. While we don't want to promise too much we might still be able to prioritize our efforts in some cases.

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