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Can I make a backup of my data?

DogScroll supports two backup methods:

  1. The app is configured such that, if you activate backup and restore as well as a backup account in your device settings, the system regularly saves your app data to your Google account. The latest backup will automatically be restored when you reinstall the app, and it is available to be transferred when you take a new device into use. For backups to occur, the device must be connected to the Internet via WiFi and the app data may not exceed 25 Megabytes. In most cases, this is sufficient.
  2. The app allows you to manually back up app data to your personal Google Drive™ storage. Visit the app settings to access the backup and restore functionality. The amount of data backed up is limited only by the available storage on Google Drive. This function is recommended in case you have larger data sets, or when you are using tools other than Android's default tool for transferring data to a new device. Remember that restoring data means replacing all existing DogScroll data.

Can I add Images to my notes?

To add images and other documents to your training notes, you can link to pictures and other documents in the cloud using weblinks:

  1. Upload the desired image or document to the cloud service of your choice (you my already have set your phone to automatically upload images).
  2. Use your browser to determine the web address.
  3. In the training view, create a weblink and enter the address and a short title/description.

This is a function that we are planning to make more convenient in the future.

As a number of users have been requesting this very useful feature we'd like to add some background information:

The main challenge from a programming perspective is choosing the storage location.

  • Inside the app's own protected storage, images are not accessible except via DogScroll, and they burden the internal memory of the phone.
  • Links to the gallery may break when the images are moved, renamed, or deleted or when you are changing your phone.

Using weblinks is one way to address these problems and make managing of the images more transparent to the user.